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Rail Tank Car Logistics

The secret of success in business often lies in the right approach and the right choice of means. For this reason, renowned enterprises from the fields of chemistry and petrochemistry, as well as firms from the energy supply sector, railway transport and traders in Germany and Europe work together with the Aretz Group when it is a matter of safe transport of hazardous materials by rail.

As a competent specialist in the sector of renting pressure gas tank wagons, Aretz GmbH & Co. KG has a wide selection of various highly modern types of pressure gas tank wagons for the customary transport of propane, butane and their composites. Special tank wagons are also available for the transport of butadiene, ammonia and ethylene oxide.

Whether you wish to lease over a longer period of time or only need vehicles for your individual product business for the short term – it's no problem for us!

Your individual requirement is always the central focus. We look forward to your inquiries!



The medium-sized company group Aretz & Co., founded during the 1960s in Krefeld am Niederrhein, is completely privately owned.

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Aremobilien S.L.U.

In the south of Gran Canaria, an area which is certain to get a lot of sunshine, is the private bungalow complex "Duna Star" in an absolutely calm setting.

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